Delivery Options

Transforming finance training

Great training whatever the                                Delivery method

We aim to design, develop and deliver the best finance training, virtual or face to face. With over 20 years of training experience, we are one of the top finance training providers in the country. 

Often a blended solution works best, bringing the best of both worlds and delivering a high return on investment. Whichever delivery method you choose, we are experts in all formats and will adapt and match the experience to best achieve your learning objectives.

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Live virtual Classrooms

Replicate and improve on a face to face course

  • Live, real-time facilitated learning
  • Interaction in small groups allowing pooling of knowledge and experiences
  • Collaborative learning with appropriate use of technology (e.g. virtual breakout rooms)

On Demand Elearning

Individual learning at a time and pace that suits

  • Your “Netflix” of virtual learning allowing training at scale
  • Flexible access (anytime, anywhere) but with fixed content and process
  • Self-paced, click-next but solitary learning


Deliver the same message to larger groups

  • One-way delivery of information to large, disparate groups
  • Used to inform, lecture or update consistent content
  • Broad-brush learning with limited interactive potential

Face to Face

When we can do so again!

  • Maximum engagement with peers and ability to embed learning
  • In-person interaction makes it possible to adapt to delegates' different learning styles and abilities
  • Opportunity to tailor the course in real time for greater retention and influencing of behaviours
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Blended Solution

The best of both worlds

  • Ultimate flexibility in content presentation
  • Time and cost savings when digitising content but more engagement than just virtual
  • Increased effectiveness by catering to the different learning styles of delegates




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Please contact us for more information on the different styles of elearning that we can create and what would be most appropriate for you.

Click on the picture below for a few examples of what we have recently created.

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