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Mehan Training

When we set up our training business over 10 years ago there was a lot of thought about what brand we should use. 

Given our existing reputation in the marketplace we decided to keep it simple and name it after ourselves.  Whilst this was a little embarrassing (our ego isn’t that big – really!) it enabled people to find us easily and worked well.

Virtual Finance Training

During the first lockdown in 2020 (which feels a lifetime ago now) we felt that we needed a stronger brand presence in the Virtual Training space.

Whilst we had been delivering virtual training for our clients for many years before zoom/teams even became ubiquitous terms – this was not as widely known as we’d have liked – hence the creation of the new brand.

What's the difference?

We’re deliberately a boutique business to ensure that we can deliver training according to our ethos and standards. 

We aim to deliver the highest possible quality training whether that is virtual or face to face.

We have a great deal of expertise on how best to design, develop and deliver effective training solutions whether they are online or face to face.

What are the different delivery options?




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