New courses for 2024

Transforming finance training

New courses

Working with our clients we have developed several new exciting courses for 2024. 

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of these. 

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Environmental Reporting (FR)

Many organsiations are increasing their Environmental reporting, whether this is due to increased regulation or simply the desire to follow "best practice".

We have delivered bespoke courses with out clients to help demistify the jargon, understand Finance's responsbilities and discuss the latest developments.

Robust accounting papers

The increased pressure placed on audit firms by the regulators has avalanched onto the finance teams within organisations.
To facilitate better governance and to try and make the audit process a little smoother there is a need for more robust accounting papers.

Financial Controls

There has been much debate in the UK over the last few years as to the need for increased regulation on financial controls and as to whether we should adopt a "SOX light" approach.

Regardless of the regulatory changes, several of my clients were looking for support on improving their internal control frameworks and looking to train the wider workforce on what this may entail.

AI & Financial Reporting Papers

There doesn't seem to be a day that goes by without people talking about AI and how transformative it will be.
We have developed a course exploring how AI can be used to write the initial draft of a financial reporting accounting paper


Unfortunately over recent times there has been an increasing number of financial scandals involving accounting/financial reporting.

This along with CPD trianing has led to several of my clients asking me to support them with some wider ethics training for their finance staff.

We approach this with our own unique style - focusing on a deeper understanding and pragmatic real world application.

FRS 102 updates

There are proposals within FRED 82 which will be the most significant changes to FRS102 since it was first implemented in 2015.
The impact of changes from the flowing down of IFRS to FRS102 should not be underestimated and we have designed courses to support both those in industry and auditing firms on how to prepare.