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should we train staff                         during lockdown?

At the start of lockdown, the focus (for all of us) was centred around adjusting our organisations to run effectively remotely.  Now that lockdown is the “new normal” for the foreseeable future, we can take advantage of the opportunities it provides.

Whilst remote working may lead to “screen fatigue”, we’ve found that the right virtual training solution actually has the opposite effect! It brings your staff together with a  common learning focus and goal!

Did you know that furloughed staff can still receive training?! This has many advantages – it keeps your furloughed staff motivated, connected and engaged with the organisation and they can return with improved skills, confidence and knowledge.

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What are the advantages?

Why choose us?

We have been delivering virtual training for over seven years now (well before Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns) and have a great deal of expertise on how best to design, develop and deliver effective online training solutions.  Online training, when done properly, can be as effective as face to face training (and sometimes even better!) provided you choose an experienced trainer and the most appropriate training solution. 

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