Becoming a Commercial Accountant

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Becoming a Commercial Accountant


Why do I need to become more commercial?

Commercial skills have never been so important – digital transformation is taking over a lot of the traditional work that an accountant would do.  Therefore by developing other skill sets it will help you progress your career to the next level.
The need to become more commercial is an accusation that is very commonly targeted at accountants. On this “Becoming a Commercial Accountant” training course we explore what skills you need to develop to allow your career to flourish.  Accountants ofen feel that there is an inherent conflict in the need to balance their stewardship responsibility with the commercial, entrepreneurial demands of the business.
On this “Becoming a Commercial Accountant” training course we will explore what it means to be “commercial” and will develop the necessary skills to think in a more commercial fashion.  We often discover that accountants are naturally commercial anyway!Finally, we will move on to address how to gain influence, communicate and negotiate more effectively.
  • All levels
  • Technical and non technical roles
  • Practice and Industry

No prior knowledge is assumed

One day face to face

Learning outcomes

  • What does being “commercial” mean
  • Where do you see yourself and where do you want to get to
  • How to be less black and white
  • Small modifications to your language
  • How to gain influence
  • Creating and communicating reasoned opinions
  • Turn a negative message into a positive
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Note: Often when developing this course it is useful for us to speak to the wider business about their perceptions of the finance function.




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