Live a Happier Life Training Course

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Live a happier life

We all want to be “happier” but what does this actually mean and how can we go about it?

We deliver a training course that is designed to be realistic and practical rather than focusing on ethereal concepts.   There has been considerable research and “science” looking at happiness and what does and doesn’t make a difference to wellbeing in the medium term (as opposed to instanteous gratification). 

The course covers various toolkits that you can use.  You will create an action plan to embed some of the techniques covered to help ensure they become a practical part of your day to day life. 

  • All levels
  • Technical and non technical roles
  • Practice and Industry

No prior knowledge is assumed

Half to full day face to face

Learning outcomes

On these courses we look at:

  • What does being “happy” mean?
  • What scientific research is there?
  • A time for personal reflection
  • Models and toolkits that you can use
  • Personal action plan

Note: This course may not be considered suitable for those with an underlying health disorder or anyone who may have experienced a recent trauma (e.g. bereavement).




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