Introduction to Financial Reporting

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Introduction to Financial Reporting.

Accounting rules and conventions aren’t necessarily intuitive.  Understanding the different financial reporting frameworks and which of these are applicable and when is critical for anyone looking to extend their knowledge of finance.

The financial results of an organisation can be different depending on which accounting rules they are following (be it IFRS, UK or US GAAP).  Accounting rules are not always intuitive and the treatment of common areas can be surprising when encountered for the first time.

By use of relevant examples and good course design the trainer will bring this to life and make it accessible even for those who are not planning to be accountants!

This course is specifically targeted at non accountants, however, we do deliver a range of more technical CPD courses for accountants which can be found here

  • All levels
  • Non accountants
  • All industries

Prior attendance on Introduction to Finance is recommended

One day face to face

Financial Reporting – Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the different reporting frameworks
  • Introduction to key accounting rules for common areas:
      • Tangible Fixed Assets
      • Intangible fixed assets
      • Goodwill
      • Provisions
      • Revenue
      • Leases
Introduction to Financial Reporting

Note: This course is part of the catalogue of courses we can offer within our Finance for Non Finance Managers (FFNFM) training.




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