IFRS update Training

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IFRS update Training

IFRS reporters are probably aware that there are continual updates to accounting standards, whether these arise from whole new standards being issued or annual improvements.

This course is designed to keep you at the forefront of what is happening with IFRS, understanding recent developments, current proposals and the direction of travel. This will include how to address the accounting implications due to Covid-19.

This course looks at IFRS developments from 2019/2020 onwards.

  • All levels
  • Technical and non technical roles
  • Practice and Industry

No prior knowledge is assumed

Half day face to face

IFRS Update – Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the direction of travel of IFRS and the state of international convergence
  • Brief recap of recent changes to IFRS (9, 15 and 16) and understanding their impact
  • Understanding issues identified by the FRC arising from recent standards
  • Any other developments to IFRS
  • Current proposals from IASB
  • Other developments in financial reporting
  • Any contentious/current financial reporting issues
Note: IFRS17 Insurance is industry specific and therefore not included in the general update above.




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