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Finance Business Partnering (FBP) Training


Why do I need Finance Business Partnering skills?


As automation and the drive towards digital transformation accelerates, much of the traditional work of an accountant will be automated. Therefore as the role transforms, accountants will need to evolve and develop additional skills.  This is always pertinent no matter what role we are working in: whether a formal “finance business partner ” role, or a role where this skill set would be heavily required (e.g. FP&A) or even a technical role (e.g. financial controller). 

We shouldn’t wait for digital transformation to overtake us and then play catch up.  Investing in these skills earlier gives us time to develop and improve them – it can also make work a more interesting place!

Our courses will help you and your team to develop the key skills that enable finance professionals to add value to the business by bringing proactive insights rather than mere reporting of the business therefore becoming a valued part of the decision-making management team.

  • All levels
  • Technical and non technical roles
  • Practice and Industry

No prior knowledge is assumed

Two days  face to face

FBP – Learning outcomes

  • How to build effective relationships
  • How to gain influence
  • How to free up time to enable the move to influencer
  • How to overcome resistance
  • How to better present both yourself and financial information

Note:  This is a very high level outline.  Finance Business Partnering can encompass many different elements and as part of the development process we would discuss with you what the best topics to cover would be for your organisation.  We’ve 20 years’ experience in creating bespoke courses; that combined with our existing library of material means that we can develop a bespoke course very quickly.




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