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Why choose Virtual Finance Training for your IFRS Training?

We’re experts in Financial Reporting. This is why we are trusted as the chosen supplier of ICAEW Academy’s IFRS, US GAAP and UK GAAP courses!

Our unique style ensures that we bring IFRS training courses to life – we make it fun, practical and applicable to the real world and at the same time maintain technical rigour.

Our IFRS training is bespoke.  Clients’ objectives often fall into one of the following categories:

Benchmark knowledge

Staff may be based all around the world with differing levels of knowledge. This can significantly increase risk when it comes to reporting.
Just creating accounting directions isn’t enough – we help bring everyone up to a consistent benchmark whether through live virtual classrooms or bespoke elearning.

Technical CPD updates

We deliver cutting edge accounting updates looking at all the latest IFRS standards released and also what is in the pipeline for IFRS.
We look at topical real world issues and how these will affect your organisation.

Specific Challenges

Many businesses face particular challenges with specific IFRS standards, whether that is IFRS 15 Revenue or IFRS 16 Leases or perhaps IAS 36 Impairment.
We can deliver bespoke IFRS training courses looking at the specific challenges faced by your organisation.

What IFRS training courses do we offer?

Below we have illustrative outlines of the types of courses that we can offer. Please bear in mind, we work in partnership with our clients to create bespoke IFRS training courses. 

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IFRS Recent Developments

IFRS Recent Developments

Our ultrapractical IFRS recent developments training course looks at the most significant changes to IFRS in a generation. Stay up to date with these far reaching recent developments

IFRS 16 Leases Training

IFRS 16 Leases

Our highly practical IFRS 16 Leases training course looks at one of the most controversial accounting standards in recent times. The impact of IFRS 16 Leases is considerable and reaches way beyond the finance function.

IFRS 15 Revenue

IFRS 15 Revenue

Our practical IFRS 15 Revenue training course looks at one of the most important accounting standards. Considerably more granular than the previous guidance it requires a totally different approach.


IFRS Refresher

Our IFRS refresher training course is great for anyone looking to increase their confidence with Financial Reporting

IFRS update

IFRS Update

Our highly interactive IFRS update training covers the latest developments in Financial Reporting including the accounting implications of Covid-19.




Do we run public IFRS training courses?

At the moment all of our IFRS training courses are for organisations (ordinarily with over 6 people who would want training). We don’t currently offer public courses but if this is something of interest to you please get in touch and we will see what we can do to support you.

Who follows IFRS and why?

The primary goal of IFRS is to have a single set of high quality global accounting standards applied by all entities around the world. As the world is becoming “smaller” –  with more and more cross border transactions and the flow of investments around the world – having a single set of applicable accounting rules is becoming more important.

The IASB have been (in my opinion) very successful in getting many countries around the world to see the benefit of IFRS standards.   At time of writing over 140 jurisdictions around the world require IFRS standards!

In the UK there is currently a regulatory requirement for listed groups to follow IFRS. Other companies are able to choose between UK GAAP and IFRS. Historically most companies would stay with UK GAAP unless there was a good reason to diverge (perhaps they were planning an IPO).  We are seeing an increasing trend for organisations to voluntarily adopt IFRS, maybe to attract inward investment or perhaps as they see it as best practice.

Other Illustrative courses