T shaped Accountant

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T shaped Accountant


Why do I need to become T shaped?


After qualification as an accountant the start of progression is relatively linear (i.e. moving up the “T”).  At some point this reaches a ceiling though and it is important to develop not only technical skills but to branch out sideways (making the rest of the “T”) by fostering other management skills.

This “T-shaped” phrase is also used by the accountancy bodies and an interesting report by ACCA can be found
discussing the future of learning.

We use the term “T shaped accountant” as an umbrella term for a series of courses that explore the different skill sets that a finance professional will need in the future in order to survive. 

The more senior you become, the greater the need to add value to your organisation by broadening your range of skills – like a T account – by developing sideways rather than just becoming increasingly technical. 
On this highly practical programme we will explore methodologies, tools and techniques to better understand stakeholders and improve relationships.  We will look at why often accountants struggle with this, exploring what the barriers are and how to overcome them. 
  • All levels
  • Technical and non technical roles
  • Practice and Industry

No prior knowledge is assumed

Duration depends on which modules/topics are selected.

Learning outcomes

A series of courses with interlinked themes covering topics such as:

  • How to move from a technical accountant to an influencer
  • Moving from a manager to a leader
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • How to free up time to invest in relationships
  • How to motivate staff
team, hands, network

Note: T shaped accountant isn’t really a course title in itself.  We have used this as an umbrella term when creating a development programme for a team of accountants.




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