Introduction to US GAAP Training

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Introduction to US GAAP Training

US GAAP is often quoted as being more rules based than IFRS which can make it feel daunting when approaching it for the first time.

Over recent times there have been efforts to bring US GAAP and IFRS/UK GAAP closer together.  Whilst there has been some progress in this area there are still differences between the different reporting frameworks. This course is appropriate for those who perhaps work for a US subsidiary based in the UK, or are looking to move to a US owned organisation.

We have designed a practical workshop which will break down the perceived challenges of US reporting and improve your confidence with and understanding of US GAAP and how it differs to either IFRS or UK GAAP.

  • All levels
  • Technical and non technical roles
  • Practice and Industry

No prior knowledge is assumed

One day face to face

US GAAP – Learning Outcomes

  • An overview of the regulatory framework under US GAAP
  • Understanding how to account for key balance sheet areas
      • Non current assets
      • Current assets
      • Liabilities and provisions
  • Understanding how to account for key income statement areas
      • Revenue recognition
  • A refresher of other areas such as leases
  • Understanding how US GAAP compares to IFRS/UK GAAP
Intro to US GAAP

Note: This is a one day course and doesn’t cover the more challenging accounting standards within US GAAP such as group accounting, defined benefit pension schemes, share based payments and financial instruments.  Before delivering any training we will discuss with you whether these topics need to be added to the course. 




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