Understanding Bookkeeping Training

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Understanding Bookkeeping Training .

A highly practical case study driven training course designed to ensure you understand bookkeeping and how accounting works.  Even though accounting software such as SAGE, Quickbooks, Oracle and SAP do a lot of the “heavy lifting” there is still a need to be able to understand the debits and credits and see what is happening “under the hood”.

Who should attend this Bookkeeping Course?

For a manager in an operational role – to understand finance you don’t actually need to know anything about bookkeeping.  However, some people find themselves in roles where they actually need to roll their sleeves up and obtain a better understanding of accounting and accounting processes which is when it is helpful to obtain formal bookkeeping training.

Understanding Bookkeeping training is recommended if you work in a finance related role but have no interest in pursuing a qualification, or you may be considering a more formal qualification and want to dip your toe in the water.  We often find that finance graduates go on this course prior to their formal qualification.

  • All levels
  • Non accountants
  • All industries

No prior knowledge is assumed

One to five days face to face

Bookkeeping – Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the main components of a set of financial statements
  • Understand the accounting system (debits (dr) and credits (cr))
  • Prepare accounts from the accounting records via a trial balance
  • Understand the commonly used reconciliations
  • Understand how to account for common areas, such as accruals and prepayments
  • Practical case study examples
Understanding Bookkeeping

Note: This course is part of the catalogue of courses we can offer within our Finance For Non Finance Managers (FFNFM) Training.




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