IFRS Refresher Training

Transforming finance training

IFRS Refresher Training

This workshop is specifically designed for anyone who may have been working outside of technical roles for a period of time and now feel a little rusty with their technical knowledge and want to get back up to speed.

This training course make financial reporting accessible and interesting by going through some key areas of IFRS in a practical and interactive way. This ensures that you not only understand the accounting but appreciate both the commercial impacts and key risk areas for your organisation.

This is reflected consistently in feedback such as:

“…I was a bit nervous because I am so behind on my knowledge on financial accounting but you were great, combining education with humour – brilliant. You also reminded me how much I used to enjoy it…”

By attending this course you will increase your confidence and ensure that you have both a good financial reporting knowledge and understanding of the commercial impact.

  • All levels
  • Technical and non technical roles
  • Practice and Industry

No prior knowledge is assumed

One day face to face

IFRS Refresher – Learning Outcomes

  • The regulatory framework under IFRS
  • How to account for key balance sheet areas:
      • Non-current assets (tangible and intangible, goodwill)
      • Investment property
      • Receivables
      • Stock
      • Liabilities and provisions
  • How to account for key income statement areas:
      • Revenue recognition
  • Other topics
      • Foreign exchange
      • Leasing
      • Research and development
      • Events after the balance sheet date
Note: This course requires no pre-knowledge of IFRS and takes you through the main accounting areas. The outline above highlights topics that apply to most businesses. We will work with you to discuss if any other topics need to be added to the course.




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