FRS102 Update Training

Transforming finance training

FRS102 update Training

Our practical FRS102 update training course covers the most common accounting challenges faced by organisations. This course is particularly valuable as it uses feedback from QAD; FRC combined with our extensive experience of delivering FRS102 courses.

We will discuss the latest on the status of IFRS developments and the likelihood of incorporation into FRS102.

Stay on top of current issues.

  • All levels
  • Technical and non technical roles
  • Practice and Industry

No prior knowledge is assumed

Half day face to face

FRS102 Update – Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the current accounting environment and impact that has on financial reporting
  • Update on the possible increased IFRS convergence
  • Other topical issues
FRS102 Update Training

Note: FRS103 Insurance is industry specific and therefore not included in the general update above.




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