Stress Management Training

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Stress Management Training


Stress is an inevitable part of life! From an evolutionary perspective stress was an advantage: raising cortisol enabled us to run away from the proverbial sabre tooth tiger.  However, in the modern fast paced world, stress seems to have become chronic (i.e. ever persistent).

This becomes draining and can lead to physical and mental health challenges.  The modern world is only getting faster and faster further exacerbating these issues.

Our training course takes a practical real world approach in how to deal with stress in our lives.  It recognises that some challenges cannot be solved and instead we look to equip you with techniques and methodologies to help you find calm within the storm.

By understanding more about what the triggers are for your stress, we’ll create a toolkit and action plan so that you can embed some tools into your day to day life. 


  • All levels
  • Technical and non technical roles
  • Practice and Industry

No prior knowledge is assumed

One day face to face

Learning outcomes

On these courses we look at:

  • Understanding the science behind stress and its effect on the body
  • Is there good stress as well as bad stress?
  • Understand your personal triggers
  • Create strategies and techniques to help
  • Learn about lifestyle changes to bring down general levels of stress
  • Create a personal action plan
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Note: This course may not be considered suitable for those with an underlying health disorder or anyone who may have experienced a recent trauma (e.g. bereavement).




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