Understanding Budgeting Training

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Understanding Budgeting Training

As they move into management roles staff get given financial accountability and responsibility, however, this is rarely accompanied by formal budgeting training.  Therefore they have to pick it up on the job.  This leads to budgets being seen as spreadsheet exercise and full of jargon, which is daunting – and who looks forward to that time of year?

This training course is specifically designed to demystify budgeting, simplifying the jargon and ensuring that you understand the principles and concepts behind it rather than getting caught up in templates and spreadsheets.  A highly practical course with many exercises and case studies to help embed the learning.

We recommend that this is course is followed by our Bespoke Budgeting Workshop so that the learning can be applied to your specific organisation’s processes and templates.  

Our trainers on this course have extensive experience of making finance interesting, engaging and even occasionally fun!

  • All levels
  • Non accountants
  • All industries

No prior knowledge is assumed

One to two days face to face

Budgeting Training – Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate why budgets are used; advantages and disadvantages
  • Understanding the interaction between business planning and budgeting
  • Understanding the impact of budgets on behaviours
  • Explore different budgeting methodologies
  • Case studies and exercises highlighting key aspects of the budgeting cycle
      • Creation
      • Monitoring
      • (Re) forecasting
Understanding Budgeting

Note: This course is part of the catalogue of courses we can offer within our Finance for Non Finance Managers (FFNFM) training.




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