Introduction to Finance Training

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Introduction to Finance (Finance for non Finance)

Financial knowledge, skills and commercial awareness are business critical skills for managers. This is the first course in the series we recommend when starting Finance For Non Finance Managers training.  Succeeding in these challenging economic times relies on everyone having a basic understanding of finance, and sharing a common direction and purpose. Being comfortable with financial terminology and principles will enable managers to effectively partner with the finance function and contribute to the performance of the organisation.

This one day course is aimed at ensuring that the fundamentals of finance are well understood. By breaking down some of the jargon and making finance more accessible, this course can lead to delegates taking a more proactive role with finance matters in their organisations. It provides a safe environment where they are able to ask questions and ensure that they have a solid foundation on which to build.

Our training courses are designed to be hands on and interactive, therefore we recommend an ideal delegate size of 12 for this course.

  • All levels
  • Non accountants
  • All industries

No prior knowledge is assumed

One day face to face

Finance for Non Finance Managers

Learning Outcomes

  • Detailed understanding of financial terminology;
  • An appreciation of financial principles and concepts;
  • Understanding the different financial statements (balance sheet, P&L, cash flow), including: what they are, why they are useful, and what they show;
  • Understanding the interactions between the financial statements;
  • An understanding of the difference between profit and cash;
  • Understanding of working capital and its importance to a business; and
  • An introduction to some financial performance measures used by a business.
Intro to Finance Fundamentals

Note: this one day course is an essential starting point for our Finance for Non Finance Managers series.  By the end of this course delegates often comment that their confidence has soared and finance is less daunting.




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